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Unchanged Taste Since 1989

Sampi Pide is named after Samsun pita, which is famous all over the country and worldwide, and continues the taste journey it started in 1989 in Ankara Mesnevi, under the Metro Holding roof since the start of the year 2008. Since 1995, with its franchise system, Sampi has been maintaining its position as the first and only chain pita brand in the sector with its chain store concept and institutional structure spread all over the country and the biggest target is to introduce "Samsun Pita" which is a traditional Turkish flavor to the whole world by opening branches in Europe, Middle East and Arab Countries.

"The secret of mouth pleasing taste is hidden in the ingredients used!"

Presenting the traditional Samsun pitas to today's modern and hygienic producers, secret of the Sampi Pide's unique taste is to use the best quality of the vegetable and meat. Pitas made with 100% beef and daily prepared vegetables turn into excellent deliciousness in the "Sampi Pide" restaurants.

Experienced pita masters, experienced management staff and entrepreneurs who have never lost their first day excitement, Sampi Pide will continue to be the shining star of today and tomorrow in the sector with its network of franchise branches and its successful operation that has proved its quality in taste and service.



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Sampi, which has opened the first branch restaurant shop in the Islamic Republic of Iran, has made a great leap forward in business evolution in the ends of 2017. The Sampi management who has stated that their top business success ambition is to intend to make the “Sampi Brand” as the highest level known brand of “Pide” and also, to bring Sampi to the business success level where it deserves to be the best of breed both in the country as a whole and as well as abroad in the Middle East, has quoted that they have been targeting to have 50 percent sales growth generally in Turkey and especially in Istanbul throughout this fiscal year.

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Sampi Gıda Üretim Pazarlama Tic.A.Ş.
Address: Reşadiye Street No:18 Cumhuriyetköy Beykoz - İSTANBUL
Phone: 0505 188 90 00